Tipsy Metaverse

An entire virtual ecosystem where people can meet, interact, play with each other and trade NFT's. Imagine a future where fun is infinite! The future is Tipsy!

An entire ecosystem with Open-source developer tools.

Virtual World - It will be a Metaverse where people can engage in countless activities. Users can meet, interact, play with each other and trade NFTs.

The main players will be our platform’s users, the models and the developers.

The players will have fun and earn money with Tipsy.

In the virtual world, our players will be able to choose from many customizable avatars. Each avatar will be unique just like our players.

Choosing from different fantastical in-game 'races' will give players special skills in our Tipsy virtual world, allowing them to resolve different challenges and collect valuable items that they can later trade. Every once in a while, we will introduce quests that can be resolved individually or with the help of other players, bringing the virtual reality multiplayer experience to a whole new level.

The players will also be able to engage in virtual real estate by buying properties they can use to start businesses. New ways to generate passive income will attract investors from all around the world.

Immerse yourself deep into a world created specially for your desires. Let your senses run wild and take over. Let your brain’s perception merge with our virtual wonderland and allow yourself to become enthralled by our realistic environment.

For more questions, we are happy to answer on Tipsy Official Telegram Group.