Land Sale Platform is LIVE

Get ready to step into TipsyWorld… because our land sale private access is LIVE!

A whole virtual world. Immersive and realistic. It will include buildings, tons of different scenarios, nature sites, businesses. Here you can meet new people, have fun, be naughty if you like, play games or make money.

But first, you will need to get a place of your own, just like in real life.
All land parcels will be in public auction on our Land Sale Platform, starting at only $50 (in Tipsy) for the ground level.

Properties available now:
🏛️ Dome 1–56 pcs | each can host up to 10 Tipsy avatars, value 200$ / parcel
🏛️ Dome 2–94 pcs | each can host up to 10 Tipsy avatars, value 100$ / parcel)
🏛️ Eastern Towers — 9 pcs |each can host up to 100 Tipsy avatars, value 1000$ / parcel
🏛️ Slums — 1279 pcs | each can host up to 4 Tipsy avatars, value value 50$ / parcel

The Virtual Land will be an NFT, on BSC network. The payment method is $TIPSY, but you need SmartBNB (BNB-BEP20) for BSC network fees. Please note that the platform only works on the desktop/laptop, not on touch screen devices (due to the land plot selection method).

Access the platform here:

For more questions, we are happy to answer on Tipsy Official Telegram Group.