New Partnership →TIPSY & SparkPoint

Ready to push this mission forward with a new partnership. Tipsy Token will be available on SparkSwap for Swap & Staking.

We are very happy to announce a new Partnership that will help us to push this mission forward! #SparkDeFi

SparkPoint DeFi X DEX Platform offers instantly swap multiple cryptocurrencies in a trustless and decentralized manner.

TIPSY Token will be available on SparkSwap for Swap & Staking.

Great rewards will come for Staking!💰

Here you can check the official post👉 Twitter @sparkpointio

Together with SparkPoint ( SRK )Official EN we are preparing a LIVE AMA.

Hosted by SparkPoint ( SRK ) Official EN, Stefan Tipsy CEO will be live wearing the Motion Capture Suit ROKOKO.

Our experts will use Rokoko motion capture smart suits to pre-animate rigged avatars that our TipsyWorld users will control. Through AI, we will also populate the world with many realistic characters with their own personalities, like non-player characters in a video game. Some will be fun, some will be sexy, some will be

friendly— while others will be plain mean. Every avatar will always be unique, whether it is a high-fidelity scan
of yourself, a bought avatar from our marketplace, or a personalized collectible of a celebrity from throughout the years (picture a VR Elvis!)

Your character ‘race’ has special features and can resolve specific challenges and quests that appear from time to time in our world, so be prepared to solve them and win Tipsy tokens. The races? Well, we think we heard someone mention sorcerers, thieves, warriors, and shapeshifters. Users will interact, play games, solve challenges, explore, and socialize. There really are endless possibilities.

Dance, laugh, argue, or even fight. Feelings will be expressed in a very natural way. Do you have love on your mind? There will be love, that’s for sure! Can’t seem to find the right one for you today? Don’t worry. Models will always be able to meet customers in our TipsyWorld so you can get naughty.

Use our TipsyCalm rooms to meditate and relax — or to let off some steam and tear things apart. Tipsy conference rooms are available for interacting with your business partners, or big halls for virtual events. Find yourself lost in a back alley. Open the door and go in. Take part in virtual sex lessons or join an anonymous addiction group.

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