TIPSY Vesting — A few days LEFT

Only a few days left to double your TIPSY Tokens. Buy from PancakeSwap and VEST them until 19th September. The countdown begins now!

What is the vesting solution?

Vesting is a solution similar to staking, whereby investors can lock in a certain amount of tokens for a period of time and receive interest.

How does Tipsy’s vesting solution work?

Inorder to participate in vesting, you will need to log in to a DApp using your wallet (just like PancakeSwap) and choose the amount of tokens you want to lock. The DApp will be provided by us.

After blocking the amount and with the same wallet connected to DApp, you will be able to check the availability of tokens:

·      10% of the doubled amount will be available immediately

·      50% of the doubled amount will be available on 03.03.2022

·      40% of the doubled amount will be available on 03.03.2023

In the video below, we will show you how easy it is to participate in our vesting solution by using our DAPP. Enjoy!

TipsyLocker Tutorial

Vesting here ⬇️
*19th September will be the last day

TISPY V3 Contract : 0xf380334b9a181f54bf2f32fdd3e153d259472ebb