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Our team has been relentlessly planning and building toward this major milestone for the Tipsy project.  Our TipsyWorld demo is live for you to try out! Ask us for the password!

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100 000 / Day

In the next 10 days, we are giving away 1000 tipsy per day to 100 people.

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Tipsy is an app store - and a place where adults have fun!

It's an open-source marketplace for adult entertainment. It's a platform where developers can create and deploy apps and games, merchants can sell goods and models can upload and share media or offer services such as video chat.

Tipsy is an ecosystem - with interoperability between apps and games

The Tipsy ecosystem links native apps like TipsyCam or TipsyMarket with other apps deployed by developers, but also with external businesses where needed. It will sustain itself through very small fees, fueling the adult businesses of tomorrow. TipsyXchange will be the core payment system of the ecosystem for incoming and outgoing transactions. Industry stakeholders will enjoy the power of blockchain, and profit from the safety and transparency that comes with it.

Tipsy is a payment system - based on multiple blockchains

Tipsy delivers a whole new payment system that will serve merchants, service providers and customers around the world, while helping them earn more, work in a safer environment, and deliver a higher-quality experience by using blockchain technology and newest innovations in the world of tech. It will improve existing payment systems, disrupting the „high fees for great content“ strategy used by third-party payment providers. Countless businesses will be able to profit from our Tipsy payment system, from sports betting , casinos and gaming, to video chatting, marketplaces for media and goods and many other forms of adult entertainment.

Key Features

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One token

Our TIPSY token will be used to purchase products or services and to pay fees all across our platform and beyond.

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We will use multiple blockchains for our transfers. Depending on what features are needed for the current operation, TipsyXChange will automatically choose between blockchains for smallest fees and best results. Using multiple blockchains increases redundancy, so fast scalability will no longer be a problem.

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If you love tech innovation, wait until you meet Infinity - our intelligent personal assistant. She will be your gaming companion, your BFF - or even your passionate lover.

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Open source

DevKits with very easy-to-use code will be offered open source. By joining forces, we will be able to create and adopt the most powerful technology and create a better, safer and faster environment for adult entertainment.

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Native features

Our developers will be able to implement our native features for payment, auctions or video chat into their games and apps. Out-of-the-box solutions like TipsyXchange, TipsyCam and TipsyMarket will ease the work and increase profitability.

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Virtual World

Using cutting-edge motion capture smart-suit technology, 3D scanners and the Unreal Engine, we will create a virtual world for you to explore. A world where you can play games, start businesses, trade NFTs or just socialize. A world just for adults.

Our TipsyXchange will be the main checkpoint for starting a business, buying a product, enjoying media or using a service inside our Tipsy ecosystem. It will be like a ticket booth for your favorite funfair. It will also be a wallet where Fiat and Crypto can be changed for Tipsy tokens.
Last but not least, it will act as a very fast and safe payment gateway for webmasters. The "Pay with Tipsy" will evolve to be the perfect payment solution for businesses outside of our Tipsy ecosystem all around the world. Through TipsyXchange we will make Tipsy accessible for everyone - as long as they are adults!

Our TipsyMarket will allow everybody to sell their products, offer services and even get rid of their used stuff. Payments will be made with Tipsy tokens and both buyers and sellers will profit from our Tipsy buyer/seller protection to ensure the best possible experience and quality.
Furthermore, our marketplace features will also be available as native tools for developers to integrate into their apps and games. NFTs, sexy clothing, toys and adult services will be available for easy purchase or can be simply sold through our TipsyMarket. What more could you wish for?

The TipsyCam video chat platform offers models from around the world a ready-to-use, out-of-the-box solution for offering their services. It is a very powerful and interactive environment where users will be able to admire and enjoy their favorite models by choosing between normal and VR 3D views. It will support various payment options like pay-per-time or per-action and will be designed with ease of use for both customers and models at its core. TipsyCam will be accessible directly from the lobby of our TipsyWorld, or as a feature within apps developed by our community

Using the Unreal Engine and Blender, and together with the latest VR software and hardware, we thrive to deliver the most realistic VR experience. Tipsy specialists are designing a world full of excitement, mystery, intrigue and lust, where wishes become reality. Our world will be immersive and realistic. It will  include  buildings, tons of different scenarios, nature sites and much more. Meet new people, play games, have fun, or make money. Trade NFTs, or just display them in a virtual gallery for everyone to see. The possibilities are endless. Solve quests and riddles, be naughty. This is what TipsyWorld is all about!

Our Team

Stefan Rocheanu

CEO and Founder

Crypto investor and trader
Over 7 years in quality management
Business analytics and marketing strategy expert

Silviu Vieru

CTO and Head of Security

Crypto investor and trader
Special communication and security expert with over 20 years of experience working with gov. institutions and military agencies

Emre Aykac

CFO and Investor

Crypto investor and trader
Over 6 years as a key account manager at a major bank
Investment fund manager and trading consultant

Alexandru Frigioiu

Head of Marketing

Over 8 years of social media marketing
Over 4 years in project management - SixSigma black belt
Early crypto investor and trader

Raluca Stefan

Lead Graphic Designer

Over 10 years of experience in graphic design
Masters degree in game graphic design
Expert in realism and anime drawing

Dragos Musat

Financial Advisor

Banking project manager
Troubleshooter for governmental financial institutions
Crypto investor and trader

Al-Zubaidi Meriem

Adult entertainment advisor

VIP parties organizer
Adult entertainment model recruiter

Shoma Ishikawa

Adult entertainment advisor

WSOP 2020 winner
Bracelet holder

Stefanos Panagiotidis

Virtual World Developer

Professional UE4 developer with over 5 years of experience in gaming industry, VR and AR programming

Our Ambassadors

Shelby Paris

Adult Entertainment Model and Actress

Professional Bisexual Switch
NFT Artwork content creator
Crypto lover


Our partners

Zfort development logo

Our main development team

Experts in blockchain solutions
AI deep learning, neural networks and machine learning
VR solutions and implementation

S'up logo

Our graphic design team

Graphic design and animation team
VR cutting-edge solutions
Photogrammetry, recording, processing and motion capture

Partnered logo

Our recruiting team

Recruiters for major international companies
TED speakers
Workshops for employers and employees

Token economics

Native Token: TIPSY
No minting. Unsold private-sale-allocated tokens alredy burned!

100% of the team-allocated tokens will be locked on launch and periodically unlocked.
100% of the advisors-allocated tokens will be locked on launch and periodically unlocked.

Total supply: 450,000,000 TIPSY
Number of decimals: 18
Contract address: 0xf380334b9a181f54bf2f32fdd3e153d259472ebb

Tipsy male anime character

Private and Public Sale

1st private round:
1.00% = 4,500,000 TIPSY at 0.05$ without vesting | SOLD OUT

2nd private round:
1.00% = 4,500,000 TIPSY at 0.10$ without vesting | SOLD OUT

3d private round:
1.00% = 4,500,000 TIPSY at 0.10$ without vesting | limited seats

Listing on Exchanges | 10 year lock:
40.00% = 180,000,000 TIPSY


Tipsy Team | 10 year lock:
8.00% = 36,000,000 TIPSY

TipsyLabs - Research Foundation | 10 year lock:
12.00% = 54,000,000 TIPSY

The locked tokens will be periodically released over a 10 year timeframe: releases every quarter


Ecosystem rewards | 10 year lock:
10.00% = 45,000,000 TIPSY

Marketing / Grants / Acc. Pools | 10 year lock:
14.0% = 63,000,000 TIPSY

Community Fund | 10 year lock:
12.00% = 54,000,000 TIPSY

Advisors | 10 year lock:
1.00% = 4,500,000 TIPSY

Tipsy female anime character

Private Sale BSC Address 1, 2, and 3

Both rounds of private sale:
0x9c01eF205F5F87adBb1419Ec52E396d08Bf7b8C4 - click to view in bscscan explorer

0x0C61695909dCc31269d9D5383BDb33fFC8af5C70 - click to view in bscscan explorer

Locker contract

Team is to be locked:
0x8c164851Cf7292d444E97193a263B77F7d30DF86 - click to view in bscscan explorer